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Using a Storage Unit for Spring Cleaning

If you are dreading the thought of doing your spring cleaning, you are not alone. The idea of moving everything, cleaning behind and under it, storing it, rotating it, can all be a bit much.

One great idea is to use a self-storage unit to make spring cleaning easier. A self-storage unit is great for when you are rotating out your winter and fall items (like jackets, sweaters, and even seasonal decorations) and rotating in your spring and summer items (lighter clothing, spring decorations, summer goods).

With a short-term storage unit, you can store the items you do not need, and make more space in your house. When you are spring cleaning, this additional space can be the help you need to get everything done in a timely manner. Here are some tips on using your storage unit for spring cleaning:

  1. Make sure you get the rental unit before you actually need it. Have it ready for you to move your items into. If you wait until you have begun spring cleaning, you will still run into the hassle of moving things around, and you may run out of time.
  2. Inside the unit, pack and store your things according to when you will need them again. Things that won't be used for months can go in the back. Anything that you might need sooner go in the front. Use stacking bins, shelves and even tables to keep your items organized and where you want them. If you know where everything is now, it will save you time in the fall when you need some of those items again.
  3. April showers bring May flowers, with that being said never move in when it is raining to prevent mildew and mold from occurring. Consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit to avoid weather issues.
  4. Always check on your belongings and always make sure your storage unit is locked properly.

When you are ready to clean out your home and store all your extra items, contact Extra Storage, Inc. at (804) 693-6333. We service the Gloucester, York County and West Point areas.